Flake Technologies

Your Lights Should Dance Too

Welcome to Ravelights! We spent the last two years making one of a kind wearable lights for raves and parties that dance and animate to the music. They come in a standard form of wearable strips and also limited edition collars. They are USB C chargeable and have 3 modes. Solid mode (for creating cool backdrop around stuff like ponies, pattern mode (random patterns and animations) and the star of the show that everyone is excited for, beat mode, where Ravelights dance and beats live to the music in your surroundings. From the firmware to the hardware, Designed in Canada, by Canadians by 3 or 4 nerds 🙂

Goods Available

Accessories (Hats, gloves, etc), Wearable led’s that beat to the music for the rave/afterparty