Corey’s Corner

Vanhoover, BC Updated: Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 Price: 1 Bit

Corey's Corner

Pillows and plushies and soft things oh my!

Corey’s Corner is known for their Discordant Harmony pillows and Carry Along Pony plushies but offers pillows and plushies for every geek and fandom from anime to video games. If you want to cuddle up with Ein or wake up with Ralof, I have you covered! I do offer customs and commissions for our pillows so if you want a photo of your dog you want on a 12×16 or have your own pony artwork you want on a 12×12, I can do that!

Goods Available

Buttons, Accessories (Hats, gloves, etc), Plushies, Pillows