One mystery is solved, but another begins... and it's a doozy! The weather in Vanhoover is getting more wacky by the day and all signs point to something being ahoof in the vintage weather factory that floats high above the seaside city. Join our intrepid investigators as they board the Royal Caneighdian Airship Northwind to track the clues and unravel the situation in a steampunk era adventure that takes them from Sea to Sky! Is Trailblazer going to get wet? You betcha!

We are still working on the 2023 website for Vanhoover Pony Expo. In the mean time, you can check out our previous year archive or register for 2023!

Our dates for Vanhoover 2023 is January 13th to 15th. (This may be different than previous announcements). Full site coming soon!


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